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Print Graphics

Print is where it all started and continues to be a major focus at Jamsta Graphics. Due to the large volume of work only a limited amount of print examples are uploaded. Feel free to browse through the examples and if you have any questions pleae don't hesitate to contact us.

Digital Design

With new beginings comes new solutions. We strive to keep up with current technologies and design trends to "keep it fresh" as it were. Our range of Digital examples should inspire you to get excited about your next project with us. Don't be scared of digital, embrace it.

Motion Graphics

The passion of the moving image and motion graphics is what Jamsta Grafix is all about. We love things that move, zoom, and spin. There's no better feeling than seeing all your hard work come to life infront of your eyes. We can't get enough of the moving frame, beit two dimensions or three.

Animation (2D/3D)

Animation is not just for kids anymore. hendrerit dictum. Praesent porta, purus eget sagittis imperdiet, nulla mi ullamcorper metus, id hendrerit metus diam vitae est. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.

3D design

3D graphics can be time consuming and costly, but it also can be fun and engaging. Our work is made up of various forms of 3D. From the large projects to the very small. Whatever your desired result, we'll be as excited as you to see the final product.

Logo design

One of our oldest and favourite passions is logo design without it, we would be lost. Logos are everywhere and they should be. Without the right branding, your company or product can be lost in the crowd. We pride ourself on BRANDING, not blanding, so drop us a line and get a logo today.


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